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Once you’ve got your own Koi, you’ll be hooked – if you’ll pardon the pun!

For many owners, having their own pond filled with these beautifu
l fish is satisfying enough, but if you become a real enthusiast and
have an entrepreneurial spirit, breeding and selling Koi carp can be
a very rewarding enterprise.

Obviously, the key requirement is knowing enough about the needs
of the fish to be able to care for them properly, plus having the facilities to breed and house the fish.

But what else do you need to consider if you’re thinking of starting your own business?

Business basics

In their stripped-down form, all businesses have the same basic requirements.

The first is a comprehensive business plan that defines the working
model of the business, target market, revenue streams, costs, and income projections.

You will find many templates and resources that offer guidance on
writing a business plan, or if you find it difficult, speak to a
professional and get their expert help to write the plan.

You also need to have a marketing strategy in your plan, that shows
how you will promote sales and bring in new customers, the
specific methods you will use, and how much you plan to invest in marketing activities.

When preparing the budget section, be realistic and don’t
overestimate your forecasted revenue.

Remember, profit is the goal of running a business, and you need to
work your figures out accurately to make sure your plan is commercially viable.


An IT system will enable you to make use of online marketing and
communications, and you can run your accounting and business
management systems far more effectively.

You can get sole trader software packages, and use the cloud for all
your storage needs, and don’t forget to have robust security measures in place.

Recovering lost data can be achieved using specialist security
companies, but it’s important to make every effort to avoid data losses as far as possible.

You will need adequate facilities for your fish, including established
ponds of sufficient depth, breeding pools, holding tanks and isolation facilities.

You need a safe place to secure feed and equipment out of the way
of vermin, and somewhere to keep your paperwork and undertake your office duties.

You’ll need to have all the handling and bagging equipment,
medications you might need, and tools for keeping the water clear. Pumps and filters for the ponds and tanks will also need setting up, to keep the water clear and oxygenated.

Your priority must be adhering to the highest standards of welfare
for your fish, so first, you need to be confident that you have the required knowledge.

Not only to be able to feed them, but to keep the water quality,
clarity, and temperature at the required standards, understand
stocking densities and be able to spot health problems and treat them.

You can expand on your amateur knowledge with expert-led
courses that will cover all the topics you need, and read as many
authoritative books, magazines, and online resources as you can.

Only when you are fully confident in all aspects of fish care should
you consider starting your business, but the investment will be well
worthwhile if you have a passion for these amazing creatures!

you might also consider selling koi art 

Koi Fish Interest per Region in the Philippines you need to know

Koi Fish Interest per Region in the Philippines you need to know

This status is from google trends.

This status is from the past 12 months from today 5/24/2018

The top region is Western Visayas at 100 search

Next is Davao Region with 97 search

Then Central Visayas 93 search

Northern Mindanao with 74 search

Central Luzon with 64 search

Calabarzon with 53 search

Metro Manila with 52 search

and the lowest is Cordillera Administrative Region with 46 search

And did you know the top search is koi fish tattoo with 100 search

Next is tattoo design 19 search

Next is koi fish tattoo design with 17 search

koi fish painting with 5 search

And lastly is koi fish forsale

Maybe the reason why the top search is koi fish tattoo is

koi fish tattoo is a symbol of Koi fish symbolize courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals, and strong character.

read the article about koi fish color meaning chart

There is also a good article of wildtattooart.com “125 Koi Fish Tattoos with Meaning, Ranked by Popularity”

Same with koi fish painting perhaps others who can’t afford to have a koi pond can still enjoy koi fish by placing koi fish painting in their homes and office.

It’s bit weird that koi fish forsale is the lowest maybe there are only a few who search at google to find koi fish forsale since most of the koi fish keepers here in the Philippines use Facebook groups to buy koi fish


Longboards with Koi Fish Designs: Our Top Picks

koi fish longboard

The natural beauty of Koi fish, their distinct colors and patterns, and the way they elegantly dance across the water are among the reasons why Koi fish are very popular. There are more people owning – and even breeding – Koi fish than ever before. Our Giobel Koi Center family is growing at a stunning rate.

That same natural beauty and elegant silhouette also make Koi fish very popular as a pop icon. You see Koi fish in paintings, sculptures, and even murals. In this article, however, we are focusing on how love for Koi fish is reaching the younger generation and taking a look at longboards with beautiful Koi fish designs.

Mercer Koi Ripples Deck

The longboard deck from Mercer is a unique piece. Even when you don’t enjoy longboarding, you will find the design of this board with its glossy finish to be beautiful. There are even two versions of the board, with the second design black with white lines forming the Koi fish.

The original blue design is interesting as it is. Without getting into too much technical detail, the board is 38” long and offers a stunning balance for beginners and advanced long-boarders alike. The way the Koi fish arches and the appearance of ripples around it make this board both functional and beautiful.

Palisades Koi Bamboo Longboard

The next one that caught our attention is the Koi bamboo longboard from Palisades. The board exposes the natural texture of bamboo in a flattering way. The natural color of the wood and its texture details are already appealing but touches of colors are then added to the board. You see two Koi fish facing each other on the rear of the board. Shades of watercolor green, yellow, and orange add a nice flare to the board’s already beautiful design.

You have to appreciate the fine line that shapes the two Koi fishes. The lines are black, and they look like they were hand-drawn directly on the board. Add these elements to the natural shade of bamboo, and you have a beautiful board indeed.

Two Interesting Custom Designs

Aside from pre-made decks, there are also a lot of custom longboards with Koi fish designs. Most of the time, people pick up the boards that suit them best, such as the Quest Super Cruiser recommended by Ride Asf.

The board has a minimalist design to it, making it perfect as a base for a custom board. There are some interesting Koi fish designs that are custom-made for a specific user. The Fishes’ Longboard deck design, for example, combines the shape of Koi fish with bold lines and colors.

You also have the beautiful design of the Gravity Double Drop Chi Longboard Cruise and Carve, which adds touches of blue, red, and white, complete with the legendary black dot of Koi fish, to a light and balanced board that any rider would appreciate.

These designs really show how Koi fish are appreciated by more and more people.