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what does koi taste can you eat koi fish you need to know

can you eat koi fish

what does koi taste can you eat koi fish you need to know

what does koi taste This is a video of me tasting my cooked koi fish soap that I cook?

I want to share with you guys how does it taste like he he

can you eat koi fish? a number of people I meet on my Social Media accounts, friends and fellow hobbyist ask me about this.


the algae in freshwater have a foul smell and this will leave aftertaste when eaten so to get rid of this you need to quarantine your koi fish before cooking.

do japanese eat koi fish yes originally they are raised in rice paddies for food.

until came a time that there appeared a colored koi mutation

koi fish breeders  interbreed it to make new colors and more and more breeders are interested in breeding Koi fish and the rest is history

does koi fish taste good not as tasty as the marine fishes freshwater fish have aftertaste so to lessen this as what I write in the first paragraph

koi carp recipes

fried koi fish

koi recipes

can humans eat koi fish yes of course in fact koi fish before are raised in Japan for food

Are koi fish poison?
Though they aren’t poisonous to eat, it’s advised that the types of
koi that are kept as pets in water gardens or backyard ponds shouldn’t be eaten.

Do they eat koi fish?

Barbels found on the lips of koi fish are used to act as sensors for the surroundings of the fish.

Koi fish are omnivorous and will eat anything from meat to green vegetables.

Koi fish can interbreed with goldfish as they are the same species
but the resultant offsprings are sterile and are called fry.

Are koi fish dangerous to humans?

When large number of koi fish inhabit same pond, level of
ammonia can increase rapidly and induce poisoning of fish.

Although life in community can be dangerous, koi fish enjoy company of other koi fish.

Koi fish can mate with goldfish because they are closely related. However, they produce sterile offspring.

Does koi fish taste good?

Any freshwater fish is edible. Depending on the water it is in, will further determine it’s taste.

Some people have taken large Koi and transferred them to a clean
freshwater tank for a few weeks to ensure a better taste, but carp meat is tough. … Also, koi sushi is becoming popular.

Do Japanese eat koi?

Any freshwater fish is edible. Depending on the water it is in, will further determine it’s taste.

Some people have taken large Koi and transferred them to a clean
freshwater tank for a few weeks to ensure a better taste, but carp meat is tough. … However, Koi is expensive to buy (and eat).

The answer is “yes”. Koi are ornamental carp. Carp is edible.

Any freshwater fish is edible. Depending on the water it is in, will further determine it’s taste.

Some people have taken large Koi and transferred them to a clean
freshwater tank for a few weeks to ensure a better taste, but carp meat is tough. It needs to be cleaned well and sliced after removing skin and internal organs.

Marinating it can soften the meat. There are recipes online for Koi fish dishes.

However, Koi is expensive to buy (and eat). Here in the USA, a large koi fish can run $400-$2,000.00, depending on the breed.

There are several breeds-a few being Russian koi, Israeli koi, and of course Japanese koi. Eating one and not selling it to a good pond home instead is a poor choice in economics, just as stealing one is illegal.

You can eat koi, it’s a form of carp after all, but you probably wouldn’t want to.

One, koi is considered sacred in places like Japan and a good luck omen in other countries in SE Asia. (hence a koi pond in temples and other sacred sites all around SE Asia).

You really do not want to eat something others hold sacred. (now please don’t ask why people eat beef when it is sacred to the Hindus!)

Also koi meat, like all other carp, is a bit tough. Koi spend much of
their time in shallow, stagnant water, so the risk of picking up a bacterial infection from them is high.

Finally, you wouldn’t eat koi unless you really want to fuel your ego! Koi are sold as decorative, ornamental or sacred fish, to be kept as pets.

The animals are also bred for their exotic body patterns and markings. Due to all this, most koi are captive bred. And these go for pretty high sums apiece alive, even upto a thousand dollars or more. Do you really want to blow all your money frying a $ 1000 exotic fish?

If it is carp you must have, you will find some less exotic ones at your local fishmongers at a fraction of the cost.

So it may be ok to eat koi, not 100% safe though due to their shallow
and stagnant water habitat, but i’d rather not, due to the high cost and the sacred nature of this fish in some cultures.

I agree with the respondents who have warned against eating any
fish that have been treated with chemicals.

Don’t go there. But I don’t know why you would bother to eat koi anyway. As someone else said, they are just a coloured carp.

In contrast to one person who said carp is tough, I would say that it is gelatinous when cooked and of very low quality.

I have eaten feral European Carp which are permanently in plague
proportions in the Murray River, Australia.

You would hope we could eat the plague out of existence but unfortunately the fish is vile.

Flavour-wise it is pretty ordinary, but as I said it becomes gelatinous upon cooking.

The best I can suggest is maybe turn them into Thai fish patties.

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saltwater fishing gear 10 Saltwater Fishing Tips That Will Make Fishing Experience Great

saltwater fishing gear

saltwater fishing gear Are you going to start fishing in saltwater? Then Definitely you want best saltwater fishing tips for you. If you search best saltwater fishing tips on the internet. You will get a lot of knowledge on many websites. Some websites will give best saltwater fishing tips to beginners and some will give best saltwater fishing tips for the advanced anglers. But here we are going to give you a mixture of knowledge for your saltwater fishing. Our this post on Best saltwater fishing tips will give you a proper knowledge from basic to advanced level. So this article will help every angler who is interested in saltwater fishing, Whether He/She is doing saltwater fishing for years or just going to start it.

What is saltwater fishing?

Before knowing about best saltwater fishing tips, Everyone must know that what is saltwater fishing. Saltwater fishing means fishing in the ocean. Saltwater can be done through both off-shore and on-shore. Off-shore means fishing from the beach and on-shore means fishing from a boat or pier surfing in the ocean waters. Anglers do saltwater fishing Live and Artificial both baits.

Here are the top 10 for saltwater fishing tips. You must follow these tips to make your saltwater fishing. These saltwater fishing tips will help you to have a great fishing experience in saltwater.



Yes, Know the basics about saltwater fishing. We recommend this as our first saltwater fishing tips. Before going for the saltwater fishing, You must know the basics of saltwater fishing. Most people think that the basic knowledge is not important. But believe us basic knowledge is the only thing which will lead you towards Advance saltwater fishing. So the first thing you must do is get the basic knowledge. This is the first one of our saltwater fishing tips.

fishing 2.jpg


Next saltwater fishing tip is to choose perfect gears for your saltwater fishing session. After getting the basic knowledge of saltwater fishing. You will have to choose the gears for your saltwater fishing session. Yes, you are thinking that this is the very basic tip we are giving to you but believe us choosing perfect gears will decide whether you will enjoy your saltwater fishing session or not.

fishing 3.jpg


The next tip is about Choosing best casting technique for your saltwater fishing. The technique will also be an important thing which will be responsible for your next catch in saltwater. To catch saltwater fishes you must choose a technique related and best suitable for saltwater fishing. With technique, we mean casting technique. Casting technique is the most common saltwater fishing tips given by anglers.

fishing 4.jpg


After you have basic knowledge, gears, casting technique in your hand and mind, Now you have to get your gears ready for saltwater fishing. All other saltwater fishing tips will not work if you don’t have your gears ready. Before going for the saltwater fishing. Get all of your gears at one place and after having these things you should make them ready for fishing. You must keep all gears and fishing accessories ready for saltwater fishing.

fishing 5.jpg


Now its time to decide the Spot and the weather in which you are going for saltwater fishing. Mainly it depends on your choice. This saltwater fishing tips will help you do fishing under great conditions. It depends on you, whether you want to do saltwater fishing in a sunny weather or a calm wind weather. Basically, anglers do not wait for a specific weather. Good anglers do saltwater fishing in all weathers, And if we talk about the spot, You should consider a few things while choosing a spot. While choosing a spot you should consider things like temperature, clarity, movement and all other things.

fishing 6.jpg


While fishing in saltwater you should consider so many things. Like whether fishing on-shore will help you catch more fishes or off-shore. Also, the Baits are the very important thing to be considered. Choosing right baits for your catch is a necessary thing. You should know the species you are going to catch and which bait will be more useful whether the live or artificial. Among the all other saltwater fishing tips, this one will be the most practical tip.

fishing 7.jpg


Even we are recommending to plan things before going for saltwater fishing. But keep in mind, Every time the situation can be changed. Having alternatives everywhere is one of the best saltwater fishing tips. So for the changes, you must have alternatives for you. Sometimes anglers go for the saltwater fishing in sunny weather but when they arrive at the spot weather changes suddenly. Then they must have an option for fishing in changing the weather. Sometimes we go for fishing with gears and what we found is that some of our gears are not working. Then we must have an alternative for that gear.

fishing 8


Anything we do in our life gives us a lesson. Similarly, the fishing does. Every saltwater fishing session will give a lesson to you. So you must have Greed for knowledge same as your greed for fishes. Greediness for Knowledge will motivate you to give your best in next session. Also, you should have best resources for saltwater fishing. In resources, you can have books on saltwater fishing or an experienced mentor.

fishing 9.jpg


You have to prepare for next session of saltwater fishing in your ongoing saltwater fishing session. Yes, this is the next tip we are giving to you. Besides getting knowledge from other anglers and resources, You should use your fishing experience also. For this, you have to note down the things you faced in your saltwater fishing session. After keeping the record of your session in a journal or a notepad on your phone, You can use this knowledge in next saltwater fishing session. In this, you should note down the information about weather conditions etc.

fishing 10.gif


Maintaining your gears after the one session of saltwater fishing ends will help you in next sessions. It will take less time to prepare your gears when next time you will go for a new saltwater fishing session. Also, it will make your gears healthy and they will become more durable. Also, your fishing gears will perform better if you maintain them properly.